Book of Acts Outline (Acts 1-9:19)

It has been a while since I posted a current outline of my series on

Saul is Converted

This is now my sixteenth teaching from the Book of Acts. This series has lasted

A Word on Perseverance

Instead of making a post on the Book of Acts, I felt led to discuss

Acts Ch. 8: Persecution from Saul

In this teaching, we are going to look at the persecution that Saul did against

Acts 6:8-7:60: A Teaching on the Old Covenant to the Council

It should be safe for you to assume from the title of this teaching that

The First Christian Deacons

As I continue my series on the Book of Acts, I would like to look

Acts 5:17-42: Another Look at Persecution

I would like to finish off chapter five in the Book of Acts and take

Outline: Having It All in Life

I got a lot of good feedback on my previous teaching regarding the subject of

Having It All In Life…

I felt led to give a teaching on the common phrase ‘having it all in

Biblical Healing’s/Miracles and Today

In this teaching, we are going to take a brief look into the miracles performed