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A Plague in the Church

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My Thoughts

Much of the American church today wants to focus on how to grow its congregation. Many seminaries teach strategies on how to grow a church. The sad thing is the vast majority of these programs only look at what the people want rather than what God wants.

One of the largest plagues to hit the church is using carnal means during worship. I’ve seen too many buildings with a sign on it that says “church”, but inside it looks just like the bars and night clubs of the world. As true born again Christians we should not want our worship to resemble the clubs of this world with flashing lights and steam everywhere.

Not only that, but there is zero discernment for the music that is played in church services. Just because it is a popular Christian band does not make it doctrinally sound. Just because the artist calls themselves a Chrisitan does not mean that they are not an agent of Satan in disguise.

Look in Leviticus 10 when God struck two priests for unauthorized worship. When we worship God it must be with total reverence to Him and for His Glory alone.

There are many people out there who truly want Christ alone, but yet the Christian world is sadly plagued by carnality in so many ways even aside from worship. Many people today are concerned about viruses circulating in the world, well there is also an epidemic circulating the church and it is called the carnal church. Romans 8:6-10 tells us that carnality is death.

Don’t get me wrong I am vigilant of the virus that is currently spreading around the world, and we must pray and have true faith in God for healing and protection. Additionally, I am more concerned about the pandemic that has been made in American churches and sent all over the world.

It is time that the Gospel stops becoming so Americanized, and it must stop being sent all over the world. Eternal death is much more tragic than physical death.