american flag in front of church

Americanized Gospel?

Leonard Ravenhill Quote

It is a tragedy when the Gospel gets mixed with the American dream. You don’t have to look too far to see the modern message has become distorted. Mainstream Christianity has sadly become preaching about a false Jesus who will give you an easy life. Did the Apostle Paul have it easy? No, however, he was once a driving force for persecuting Christians, then God grabbed a hold of him and changed the desires of his heart. The Apostle Paul trusted God despite numerous difficulties and circumstances. At the same time, God provided for His needs.

Being a Christian isn’t about living a life of no problems. Being a Christian is about recognizing you are dead in sin and cannot save yourself from the judgment to come. A Christian’s joy is rooted in Christ, not their material possessions or bank account. Being a Christian means your heart’s desires have been changed because you are born again, and live a life for the Glory of God.

Jesus did not preach a ”your best life now” message. I strongly oppose this out of love, because if we believe in the wrong Jesus, then we are in deep trouble.