Bible Study: Romans 13 Government Authority and COVID

In this video teaching, I discuss Romans 13. Recently Romans 13 has been a hot topic concerning churches shutting their doors over a “pandemic”. What seems to be the popular view is we are to bow down to everything the government orders. However, in this teaching, I challenge what has been the traditional view of Romans 13. We must look at this chapter and every other Bible passage in its proper context. As I have learned just because you were raised all your life believing one particular doctrine, does not mean it is accurate. Every time you read your Bible, read it as if it is your first time reading it. Often we let our pre-concept ideas get in the way of obtaining revelational knowledge of Scripture from the Holy Spirit. While I know there are some well-meaning pastors and believers who might disagree with me on this subject, I still love all those in the Body of Christ. I never wish to spread hate. The goal of this teaching is not to condemn, but to awaken believers. There is so much at stake right now, there is a spiritual war taking place in the world, the church needs to exercise its God-given authority and stand boldly despite the mainstream current.