Bible opened on desk with lamp

Bible Study – The Narrow Way


  • Matthew 7:13-14
  • Context matters, if your Bible is red letter edition you will see read letters continue from chapter 5 all the way through the end of chapter 7, so these are two verses out of one thought of Jesus recorded over a few chapters. Before talking about the Narrow Way Jesus talked about Righteous Judgment, Seeking, Serving God, The Lamp of the Body, Fasting, Laying up treasures in heaven, prayer, loving your enemies, marriage, adultery, murder of heart, the salt and light of the earth, and the fulfilling of the law.
  • John 14:6
  • Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. On the Narrow Path, only Jesus is the Truth.
  • John 1:1
  • Hebrews 10:19-23
  • We enter into fellowship with God through what Jesus did 2,000 years ago.
  • We must enter the New Covenant with faith in the Blood of the Lamb.,
  • Colossians 3:3
  • When you live in Him you obey His commands.
  • John 14:15
  • Luke 13:24-30
  • There are people who are in our churches today who are on the broad road. They think they can do as they please and just make Jesus an accessory to their life. THEY ARE WRONG