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  • Did We Forget Hebrews 11?

    Did We Forget Hebrews 11?

    Introduction In my private time with the Lord this week I felt the question pressed upon me “Did we forget Hebrews chapter 11?”. Some of you who are diligent students of God’s Word know what Hebrews 11 is about. Hebrews is one of my favorite post-Gospel books of the Bible to study. This blog post…

  • My Thoughts on the COVID-19 Virus (Video)

    My Thoughts on the COVID-19 Virus (Video)

  • John 6:14-29 Video Teaching

    John 6:14-29 Video Teaching

    Background Jesus feeds the 5,000 men and in the previous chapter, He healed someone on the Sabbath. John 6:14-15: Seeking Him Because of the signs, He performed they perceived Him as a Prophet. Deuteronomy 18:15-20 Verses 15/18 point to this part in John. Rules for a Prophet. Jesus then could tell the people were planning…

  • God’s Will and Biblical Edification (Acts Ch. 18)

    God’s Will and Biblical Edification (Acts Ch. 18)

    In this post, I am going to discuss Acts chapter 18 in detail. If you have been following my series on the Book of Acts, we have read that Paul has gone through a great deal of rejection during his ministry. However, he has not let the rejection stop him from continuing to preach the…

  • John Chapter 5 Video

    John Chapter 5 Video

    Video Teaching Bible Study Outline John Chapter 5 is believed to be out of placement, Ch.4 –> Ch. 6 –> Ch 5 flow better. John 5:1-4 Feast of Jews = Pentecost  Pool by the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem Nehemiah 3:1 A gate in the wall of Jerusalem repaired under Nehemiah’s leadership (Barbour’s Bible Dictionary 1998)…