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  • The Presence of God

    The Presence of God

  • Living the Indwelled Life

    Living the Indwelled Life

  • A Word on Christlikeness

    A Word on Christlikeness

    This is just one verse, and much is being said here for the believer to meditate upon and apply to their life. Jesus never gave a commission for His disciples to build a large religious system or to make a religion based on man-made tradition, yet many people are sadly in bondage to this today. …

  • The River of Life

    The River of Life

    This year I have really been touching on walking in faith and the importance of coming to the knowledge of who we are as new creations through Christ Jesus. I would like to draw your attention to the Book of Ezekiel when he describes the vision the Lord gave him of The Temple. We see…

  • Tongues Explained with Caution

    Tongues Explained with Caution

    This is a post I wrote last year that I have updated and am reposting. The gift of tongues is a widely debated subject in the church, and it needs addressed.  If we only study the Gift of Tongues from the Book of Acts then we will not get the full picture, along with important…