The Endless Rain of February 2018

This month started with random monster snow storms.
From very cold mornings, inches of snow, and sheets of ice.
The inconvenience of starting the car early before work.
The hazardous road conditions ruining plans.

It got strange, the last week of the month arrived.
What was in store?
Record high temperatures, sadly with record rainfall.
Leading to flooding causing devastation.

Snow is no ones friend when driving.
Higher electric and gas prices are no wallets friend.
No one likes the decrease of fuel economy during colder temperatures.
This month brought many inconveniences.

However, thankful for days with high temperatures above forty degrees.
Not thankful for the flooding or snow.
But thankful for no water shortage in site.
For every set back a blessing can be found within it.
You have to have an open mind to find the light in the darkness.