Important Update

On February 16, 2023, I was made aware that YouTube decided to censor my channel. They made a claim that one of my videos on the Book of Romans from a year ago went against their community standards.  

As a result of this YouTube has decided to block me from posting any new content on YouTube for two weeks, while I strongly disagree with their action and false claim about my video, I am still going to be putting my teaching videos online. Last year I did setup a Rumble channel, not all of my previous videos are on there, however, all future videos will be posted on Rumble. Below is a link to that channel and I encourage you to subscribe.

Please note that I still plan to post to YouTube once they remove the restriction from the channel. However, it is certain that social media is going against Bible-believing Christians who do not bow down to the mainstream view.

Going forward I will be uploading my teachings to both Rumble and YouTube (once I am out of YouTube jail) because I do not foresee YouTube changing direction with censorship at their current rate. Ultimately, we need to be praying for the salvation of these people because that is their ultimate need, to see the light of Jesus Christ and to be set free by God’s Truth.

Jesus is King!

Rev. Zachary Murphy