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Jesus in Samaria and Galilee

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Study Outline

John 4:16-24

  • Jesus reads her mail about her sexual immorality.
  • In verse 19 she addresses Jesus as ‘Sir’ which usually signifies respect.
  • She now believes Jesus is a Prophet.
  • Mountain in verse 20 is Gerizim
    • Overlooked Shechem
    • It is noted to be a safe place historically
    • Also, the location where people recited the blessings and curses of the covenant.
      • Judges 9:7-15
        • Jotham gives a fable as a lesson to the people regarding the selection of a King.
  • In verse 21 when Jesus responds to her he calls her Woman signifying respect.
    • Notice He also says ‘believe Me’. We must believe and trust His Word.
  • Verse 22- He is talking about them worshiping false gods.
    • 2 Kings 17:29
  • God is a spirit, we are to worship Him out of spirit by knowing His truth. In order to worship God, you must know who He is. How do you get to a knowledge of who He is? Get the Word into you!!!
  • Worship to God is a spiritual thing. Our flesh (body) is of this world, IT IS DEAD. Our spirit being, where our new nature is, is where worship starts. It then goes to our soul, then out through our lips.
    • 1 Thessalonians 5:23

John 4:25-30

  • Jesus tells the woman that He is the Messiah.
  • Disciples come back not knowing what just took place.
  • Verse 28 the woman was so taken by Jesus that when she ran to tell others she left her water pot.

John 4:31-38

  • Disciples are concerned about Jesus eating food.
  • Jesus shows His priority is the things of God and not the needs of the flesh.
  • Verses 34-38 Jesus talks about evangelism
    • We may only plant seeds while someone else does the reaping.
    • Do not be disappointed when you only plant seeds. Both the sower  and the reaper rejoice together

John 4:39-45

  • Verse 39: City is Sychar. See verse 5
  • The woman tells the people in this area about Jesus prophesying over her.
  • Jesus spends two days with the people in this area and many believed.
  • The woman’s testimony helped lead people to Jesus, but it was the Word of Jesus that got them to believe.
  • In verse 43 we see Jesus travels 40 miles to Galilee.
  • Verse 44- Prophet no honor in the home city.
    • Matthew 13:57
    • Matthew 23:37
  • People of Galilee receive Jesus.

John 4:46-54

  • Jesus is back in Cana where He turned water into wine.
    • John 2:1
  • A nobleman comes to Jesus who has a son sick with a fever that is deadly.
  • Verse 48 Jesus rebukes people for depending on signs.
  • Jesus tells the nobleman to go home his son will live and he finds out his son was healed that same hour on his long journey home.



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