Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Video Teaching

Free Study Outline

  • V.1-10
    • 3-day journey to Galilee
    • Mary the Mother of Jesus was there.
    • They ran out of wine at this wedding.
    • V.4: ‘Woman’ was used as a title of respect in the Bible.
    • Hour did not come – Jesus has not openly revealed Himself as the Messiah yet.
    • V.6: His mother told the disciples to do as Jesus tells them.
    • Mary knew it was time for Jesus to step out into His earthly ministry.
    • V.6-7: He has them fill up six jars that were used to wash people’s feet with water.
    • When the master of the feast drank out of the jars it was the best wine saved for last.
  • V.11-12
    • This is just the start of the many signs of Jesus.
    • They go to Capernaum, which was a 15-mile journey from Cana, about a day journey. 
  • Four Items Needed for a Miracle:
    • 1st : Have a Need (They ran out of wine)
      • We cannot be afraid to take our needs to God.
      • James 4:2-3 AMP
    • 2nd: Turn to Jesus First (Mary turned to Jesus first about the wine)
      • Isaiah 55:6
      • Matthew 6:33
    • 3rd: Do What Jesus Leads You to Do (Disciples filled up six jars)
      • Test of faith.
      • 1 Peter 1:3-7
    • 4th: Manifestation of God’s Glory (Water into Wine Manifested His Glory)
      • The works of God are to bring glory to His name!
      • 2 Corinthians 4:6