The Core Issue

There has been much going on lately in this country and around the world. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and this has impacted every single one of us at some level. Whether you have tested positive for COVID, know someone who has had it, or even has died from it. Many people have been laid off, lost their jobs, lost their businesses, and so much more heartache this year. Much debate on the credibility of everything we are hearing, I am not going to debate that because it has nothing to do with the core of the issue in this country.

We have all witnessed extreme acts of violence all across this country. People are upset about social injustice, the leadership of this country, and so many issues. Are these issues important? Absolutely! Is dealing with COVID-19 important? Yes. Is the future of the Supreme Court important? Definitely, we need to be praying about all these issues and having civil discussions about them.

However, all these issues our country is trying to solve, will not be solved by a democratic or republican solution. Yes, legislation can be put in place to make circumstances better, but we still will always have racism if we look to our politicians to fix the problem. Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, nor Mitch McConnell will be able to solve social injustice 100%. Neither will any of their successors.

The division is real in our country on so many levels, and it just has not started with this President, it has always been there. We are just living in a day in age when the division is at its final stage. It is like cancer that has remained hidden and got diagnosed at its late stage. We all want a cure for this cancer in our nation, but we look to our politicians as if they can fix it. None of them can! All they can do is offer bandages repeatedly and will fail every single time at solving the problem.

This country does not need another leader with good speech. This country needs the church to rise up and bring forth the True Full Gospel of Jesus Christ! The core issue here is SIN! When God created the world everything was perfect, yet when sin entered the world, everything drastically changed. And this is why we are in this situation today. God foreknew this would happen, that is why He sent His only Son, born of a virgin, fully man and fully God, to the world. His only Son did a brief earthly ministry and then was put under God’s wrath at the Cross, paying the penalty for each and every single one of our sins. All it takes is for us to truly repent and believe and trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Yet people who are unbelievers walk around and say they are a good person because they volunteer their time at a soup kitchen. That is great, but the Bible says no one is good (Romans 3:10). People of this world and even hypocrites in the church have made a god of their own standards in their mind and fail to realize the sin they are in and the coming judgment. If you ever told a white lie, you have broken Gods Law and your final destination will be the Lake of Fire (Revelation 21:8-10). The only solution is to repent and believe (Acts 20:20-21). The repentance I am talking about is a God granted repentance meaning that your sin grieves you so much because you know it grieves God (Acts 5:31, Acts 11:18, 2 Timothy 2:25, Romans 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9). Many people claim to repent but it is a result of worldly sorrow, rather than a Godly sorrow.

The church in America needs to rise up for once and do what it is called to do! I am sick and tired of seeing Christian TV broadcast nothing but programs that ask you to send in large sums of money for a miracle, that is not the Gospel! (Jude 1:10-12) It sickens me that is what most people see when it comes to Christianity is people on the mainstream networks preaching the false prosperity Gospel. If the only preaching you have heard is from people like Benny Hinn, Joel Ostend, Rick Warren, and Kenneth Copeland, I am sorry you have been deceived by these wolves. These people offer a false gospel that looks attractive to the unconverted sinner, but in the end, their gospel does not save. These false teachers offer a gospel that says, ‘believe this message and everything will go well for you’. It is my prayer these people repent and in doing so shut down their ministry and sit down under the ministry of someone who preaches the True Gospel. We need to air the True Full Gospel on TV and on the radio.

Now let me say something here, me rebuking the prosperity gospel does not mean I believe God can’t heal. I believe God does heal. I am against these extremes that are off the deep end. You can go to an extreme one way or the other, we must stay balanced in Scripture.

The issue we are dealing with in life is like an iceberg. We can see the massive size of it above the water and from a spiritual perspective that is sickness, disease, poverty, and so on. However, what we do not see is far greater underneath the surface and that is sin.

Let the church rise up and preach the Gospel. This land needs a real revival, not a circus put on for money! The Gospel of Christ is the solution, not politics. If you could get a dozen Senators genuinely saved, imagine the change that would take place!



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