The First Disciples – John 1:35-51

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Free Bible Study Outline

  • V. 35-36
    • Jesus is the Lamb of God
    • He is worthy of every praise.
  • V. 37-42
    • John and Andrew follow Jesus
    • Jesus asked them ‘What do you seek?’
      • When we seek Him what are we seeking Him for?
        • Most people seek Him for their own gain rather than for His glory!
    • Andrew gets his brother Simon Peter.
      • Jesus calls Peter Cephas which is translated ‘A Stone’.
  • V. 43-44
    • Jesus calls Philip to follow Him.
      • Philip, Andrew, and Peter are from Bethsaida.
  • V. 45-51
    • Philip goes to find Nathanael and tells him about Jesus.
    • Nathanael questions if anything good can come from Nazareth. He is judging Jesus with human standards.
    • Jesus tells Nathanael He saw him under the fig tree before he came to Him with Philip.
    • Nathanael believes in Jesus after Jesus prophesied over him.
    • We should not be coming to Jesus for signs only, we should be coming to Him humbly wanting to know Him daily.