bible with glasses sitting on top

The Peace of God

We are certainly living in difficult and uncertain times right now. From the pandemic to the wildfires in California, to economic uncertainty, and even the unstableness of our leaders, it is easy for us to be given over to fear and anxiety.
For the true believer, we should know what the Bible says about fear. If you are living in fear right now you need to get into the Word of God and study it and meditate on it. We often find ourselves spending more time worrying about how to pay for an unexpected expense rather than about praying. We spend more time worrying about the results we got from the doctor’s office, rather than praying. Can you imagine how much different our lives would be if we would spend more time in prayer, than giving attention to all the worries that float around in our minds? We not only can pray for God to do the supernatural, but we can also pray for God to give us peace, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance as we deal with the worries of life.