armor of soldier

Under Attack

As I was praying in the spirit and reading my Bible this week, the Lord revealed certain things to me about spiritual warfare. He put some words on my heart as a word of knowledge for all believers as I was spending time with Him. Here is what was put on my heart:

There has been a war brewing in America and in the world for years!
This is the greatest and most lethal war in the history of all creation.
It is not a war of flesh and blood; it is a war between the principalities and powers of good and evil.

There is so much going on today in cultures and current events.
But we want to blame our leaders for the problems.
Don’t you know Gods Word says this war is not flesh and blood?
It is against the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Sadly, many believers want to spend their time watching the news and voicing their opinions.
While as believers we need to voice our opinion for righteousness in this nation, but this war also needs to be fought.
But not many believers are willing to fully commit and put on the whole armor of God.

Sadly, many believers want to attempt to serve God, while still serving the devil full-time.
Jesus even told us that we cannot serve two masters. Make up your mind!
More believers follow witchcraft, mediums, and much more.
There are more witches out there today than ever before.

But why won’t His people put on the full armor of God, and do spiritual warfare?
Why aren’t we taking a stand in this war?
He called each believer to do more than just say the sinner’s prayer!

Believers are too scared to take a stance for the true Word of God.
We are too worried about offending someone or being politically correct.
God doesn’t care if His Word offends someone. His Word is a sharp two-edged sword!
He wants people who care about being Biblically correct.

He is sick of the carnality in the church today. Did you forget what Paul wrote in Corinthians?
Why aren’t more churches speaking the truth on marriage?
Why aren’t more churches condemning the war on gender?
Why are less and less ‘Christians’ not advocating for what He perfectly forms in the womb?
Why are you so scared? He doesn’t give believers a spirit of fear, but He gives us one of love, power, and a sound mind.

Why do many churches forget the power of the Helper He left us?
The Power of the Holy Spirit is what will equip us to do true spiritual warfare.
Put away your denominational eyes and read your Bible.
The only way we can do spiritual warfare is by praying the Holy Ghost.
The church today is dehydrated from the Holy Ghost!

If we want to fight this spiritual war, then we need to know and live Biblical truth.
If we want to fight this spiritual war, then we need to always be praying in the Holy Ghost!
Where is your personal time invested? In Him or the world?



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