Who is the King of Your Heart?

You claim that Jesus is the King of Your Heart, but is He really?
You claim to be a Christian, but you have been on milk all your life.
Why haven’t you gotten to the meat, if He is truly the King of Your Heart?

If He is truly the King of Your heart you should have a burning desire to know Him on new levels each day.
He has a burning desire for fellowship with you, but you ignore the invitation!
He has eyes of fire for a reason, it is a type of fire you do not mess with.

Too many people are stuck on milk and are not even close to ready for the meat.
You have to make a choice to invest time for the King of Kings!
The reason you can’t put aside the time for Him is because you have not yet made him the King of your heart!

Your worldly things are still the king of your heart, but you won’t admit it.
You are too worried about your finances, possessions, entertainment, and self-image!
Its time for pew warmers to get out of the bedroom with the enemy and get on their knees and repent.

Part of the problem is that there is a lack of true training centers to equip mighty men and women of God to take the lead during this late hour.
There are too many social halls, rather than true churches today.
There are too many carnal worship services, rather than worship services that are in spirit and truth.
There are too many ministers obsessed with their own image, rather than submitting to the King of Kings!

The hour is late, just because you see people at church on Sunday does not mean you will see them in Heaven.
Just because you see someone standing behind a pulpit does not mean you will see them in Heaven.
Jesus warned us that not many people choose the one true path, because it is very narrow.

Get your heart right now! Stop procrastinating!
Wipe the dust off your Bible or sign into the Bible App for the first time.
Enroll in the classroom of the Holy Spirit, enrollment is always open. There are many empty seats!



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