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Why Church Why?


I was spending time with the Lord today and He put on my heart a strong word of wisdom. I have gotten word of wisdom and knowledge, but never one as strong as this. Please share this with others, many need to hear this.

A Word of Wisdom

What happened to the church?
Why did you leave your first love?
Why did you become so powerless and submissive to the world?

Why church why?!?!
What are you doing?
Why are you still sleeping with the devil?
Wasn’t His blood good enough for you on Calvary?

You are so carnal with your mindset and programs.
Why are you letting the darkness of the world in?
Why do you resemble the bars and night clubs?
A true House of God should be a bright light to the dark world!

Are you just coming Sundays for a social gathering or for a feel-good feeling?
The House of God is not a social hall, it is a place to equip and correct His remnant of faithful people.
We need to be the mighty men and women of God that we are all called to be.
Why hasn’t the church today opened its doors to let the King of Kings in?

Judgment has begun in the church and it will continue until it is cleaned up.
Don’t wait for revival to happen. We are His people; it starts with us!
We need to be saturated in anguish first, and continually be soaked with it.

If the rapture were to happen today there would not be many people in the church missing.
The majority of ‘Christians’ are not even close to ready.
The time is almost out, get your heart’s ready and spread the Gospel.

The church needs to be put on a new diet and it is a grease-free diet of Grace and Mercy.
The greasy grace diet has and will continue to lead people to hell.
You should be taking fewer repentance pills every night.

The King of Kings loves you so much.
He put this word on my heart so strongly. 
This is a message ordained by the King of Kings.
It would be wise of you to take this word seriously and make your heart right.
It would be very wise for the church to take a wrecking ball it’s denominational theology and takes His Word for what it truly is.



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